A Play Based on the Life and Writings of A.L. Rowse

By Dr. Andrew B. Harris


A. L. Rowse shocked the world when he revealed the
identity of the Dark Lady of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Copyright  Andrew B Harris (2015)

Reviews of The Lady Revealed

"The play is accurate, factual, intellectual yet intriguing. It has a good flavour of the essentials of the subject... Somewhere in there, the audience picks up (as I did) that undoubtedly SHE (Emilia) IS THE DARK LADY!"
Sydney Cauveren, author of A. L. Rowse,
A Bibliophile's Extensive Bibliography

"...fascinating.  It should transfer well to the stage." Derek Williams, The Cornish Banner

" Highly theatrical. Indeed, your play is as delightful as the critics say. Great dialogue!... Thanks for letting me read it!"

David Bevington, editor, The Complete Works of Shakespeare, and author of Murder Most Foul: Hamlet Through the Ages

"I enjoyed The Lady Revealed very much and can see that you've done your research on A Lady Revealed...Your Dark Lady looks great."
Peter Bassano, descendant of the Lady's family, Conductor, FRCM, HonRCM


"(The play) has given me a lot of pleasure. I really like (the) overall framework, which creates some ingenious ways of telling the story, ...When Rowse speaks his tone of voice is splendidly credible to one who knew him." Robin Briggs, Emeritus Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford University

"Magnificent!  ALR and Phyllis are exceptionally true to life...and the play's construction is a masterpiece of plotting." 

Philip Payton, author of A.L. Rowse and Cornwall : A Paradoxical Patriot

"I loved the play. Normally, academic arrogance, of which Rowse put on a splendid/dismal display rubs me the wrong way; I cringe. But you made him come to life in an endearing way – the academic squabbles at All Souls, his Cornish soul, his cat. The discovery of the Dark Lady through Forman’s diary is exciting. Perhaps the best thing one could say is that the play made me go back and read the Sonnets."

Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Laureate

"I knew A.L. Rowse quite well.  I did so much enjoy your The Lady Revealed and had plenty of laughs.  I did admire the skillful way you wove in some prize anecdotes.  The introduction of Julia was a brilliant idea.  I loved your portrayal of Phyllis, just right, and the way you bring in Peter.  Your play deserves a wide audience."

Raleigh Trevelyan, author of Sir Walter Raleigh and The Fortress.

"...vivid, filled with crackling dramatic scenes, and a great evening of theatre...a serious work that is both literate and theatrical."

John Hanners, founding editor, Texas Theatre Journal


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The Lady Revealed
Tristan Bates Theatre,Covent Garden, London


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Geoffrey Beevers, Anthony Heald & Patricia Conolly to
Lead New Dramatists' THE LADY REVEALED Reading

Posted February 12, 2015

Images from the New York Reading on March 16, 2015 at the New Dramatists, 424 West 44th Street, New York, NY