Russian Mail Order Brides – Relationships & Dating Facts

The culture, history, and even politics of Eastern Europeans are all interconnected. It is mysterious and incomprehensible to the mind of Western male foreigners. Although Russian mail order brides are among the most famous women in the world, they remain mysterious and desired. Russian beauties attract men with their natural beauty, grace, and strong but feminine character. As a rule, the experience of communication between Western men and local girls is one of the most rewarding in life.

Russia is a country that interests Russian wife finders. So much has been written about Russian women but so few men have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Russian dating culture.

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There are some significant differences between Russian women and their Western counterparts. These differences make dating a Russian woman a new experience. Some men manage to find the key to a Russian woman but not everyone can deserve this.

The Russian state is a unique place to live, work, and establish relationships with Russian women. The desire to find a worthy spouse pushes Russian mail-order brides to look for a foreign husband online.

Before diving into basic dating tips, let’s start a discussion about the looks and personality of Russian women, what you can expect from these young ladies, where to meet them, and why men adore them so much.

Best Qualities of Russian Brides

Today, Russian women are admired in the West. They are called beautiful, tender, feminine. Preserving beauty and femininity, most local foreign brides for sale have not lost the best qualities that were previously valued in them.


With the advent of Christianity, women began to value chastity in Russia. Fair sex was taught in every possible way that they should protect maiden and feminine honor. Thus, contacts with the opposite sex were limited.

Soviet society (except for the first years after the revolution) was also quite puritanical. There is evidence during the Great Patriotic War. The Germans were amazed to find that about 85% of Russian unmarried female prisoners of the age of 20 did not know intimate relationships.

However, after the War, the trends of emancipation also touched Russian women. Gradually, sexual relaxedness came into vogue. This trend continues even now when from all screens selling texts shout about passion and in every possible way praise sexual freedom.

russian brides


Patriarchy reigned in Russian families. The head of the family was the husband who was obliged to provide the welfare of his children and household members. The wife was in charge of the household and the upbringing of children. At the same time, for Russian women, obedience to a man was completely natural as he was the main person in the family.

In our time, a wife who is obedient to her husband is a great rarity. In most families, a woman plays a dominant role. If a man tries to lead, he immediately turns into a “tyrant” and “house builder.”

In truth, the majority of men are quite satisfied with the position of “henpecked”. As a result, a wife begins to perform male functions. For example, more and more often it is the woman who becomes the breadwinner in the family instead of a man.


In the old days, there were much fewer divorces and most couples spent their entire lives together. This happened due to the habit of Russian women to be patient. The sacrament of the wedding assumes that the spouses will not leave each other in grief and illness. A woman could wait for years for her husband to return from the war or work. It never crossed her mind to leave her husband if he fell ill or became disabled.


Another quality for which Russian mail order brides were valued is their loyalty. They could wait for their husbands and loved ones for years while they were away. It never occurred to them to start a casual relationship. Of course, there were exceptions, but unfaithful wives were dishonored and ostracized in every possible way.

Some girls did not marry and decided to remain loyal to their deceased or missing lover. This is a rarity these days. Separation is a great test for a relationship, and in marriage, Russian women cheat a little less often than men.

Appearance of Russian Brides

It is worth noting that the appearance of Russian ladies is not limited to any one species. In Russia, you can find very unique girls who can conquer with one glance. Someone has a perfect body, someone has perfect facial features. But every Russian lady can hook you doing it as beautifully and effectively as possible. Due to historical twists and turns, the blood of different peoples flows in the veins of Russians. Many foreign residents say that in a foreign country, girls from Russia can be spotted in a crowd without any difficulty.

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A Russian bride has the correct oval face, mainly light shades of eyes and hair, not too thick eyebrows and bristles, moderate width of the face. Typical appearances are dominated by a horizontal profile and the bridge of the nose of medium height while the forehead is slightly sloped and not too wide, the brow is poorly developed. Russians are characterized by a nose with a straight profile. The skin is predominantly light or white which is partly due to the low amount of sunlight.

Where To Meet Russian Mail Order Brides?

As you might have guessed, the best way to meet Russian mail order brides is through top dating sites and marriage agencies. Online dating has many benefits. Marrying a hot Russian girl is a consequence of dating through the Internet. A Russian mail-order bride is a woman who wants to find a decent and loving foreign guy and starts a correspondence with him.


Russian brides are very smart, resourceful, and talented. They make perfect housewives and mothers. If you are a single man looking for a family-oriented woman, then a Russian bride would be the best choice ever!